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How to get rid of Dark Knees and Elbows with these five Home Remedies

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Many people have darkening of the skin on their elbows, knees and armpits. Here are some simple home remedies to remove darkening. The remedies will lighten the dark area to match the normal skin tones of yours.

  1. Mix half a tablespoon full of yoghurt with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and apply this paste on the affected area. Leave this for 15 minutes and rinse it off with water. Vinegar unclogs the pores and cleans the skin. Yoghurt moisturises and lighten the skin tone.
  2. Carefully remove fresh gel from the aloevera leaf and apply this for 15 minutes on the dark areas of your body. Aloevera makes your skin soft and lighter.
  3. Blend lemon juice, cucumber pulp and haldi powder. Apply this paste to the darkened area and leave it for 15 minutes. Cucumber and lemon have skin lightening properties and turmeric has anti-bacterial properties to keep infection away.
  4. Take few thin sliced potato and rub them on the darkened areas. Potatoes can be used on sensitive skin such as underarms because it has very subtle acidic properties.
  5. Every night before going to bed apply some fresh coconut oil on the darken areas. Coconut oil moisturises and provide the hydration which is require to manage the dryness of skin.

Skin darkening of certain areas can be caused by aging, genetics factors, overexposure to sun, hormonal imbalances, dryness of skin, friction or a reaction to medication. Some suggestions to prevent this are-

  1. Drink enough water to stay hydrated to prevent the dryness of skin.
  2. Eat a balanced diet with vitamin E foods such as carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes and almonds.
  3. Avoid leaning and resting on your elbows and knees.
  4. Protect you elbows from strong sunlight. Use SPF for your skin.

However, such discolouration of skin is not harmful for your health and so it should not be the cause of your concern. Such minor changes in your body are going to come and go as you progress in the journey of your life. So beleive in yourself, appreciate yourself and have confidence in yourself.

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