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Health Talk: Health benefits of barefoot walking – iBuzzs Health

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Everyday even if you live an extremely busy life you must walk barefoot atleast for 15 minutes. Walking barefooted is going to provide lots of benefits and this benefits are an different level physical, mental and spiritual.

It is believed that the earth has a magnetic field and so do human beings. So when you walk bare foot on the ground your magnetic field naturally become aligned with the earth’s magnetic field and you experience a sense of harmony in your body. It has positive and healing effect in your body. Just a word of caution, when you walk barefoot in open ensure that the surface is clean and safe so that you cannot get injured.

This activity is also called ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’. It energies your body and therefore give relief from anxiety, depression and any other mood related disorders. Walking barefoot in the water or on the grass which is drenched in morning dew is extremely rejuvenating experience. It not only improves the blood circulation but also allow the body-mind soul complex to absorb the positive energy.

Spiritually in India, a home is also considered as a temple where gods come to stay and so people sometime walk barefoot to honour these gods and to receive their blessings. In rural areas where the weather is warm people walk barefooted on their wooden or cow-dung plastered house floor.

However in modern home interiors floor are covered with marble or other artificial materials. It is not advisable to walk barefoot on such floors because the flooring is cool and your body is warm so it can drain your energy.

It is very important to do some warm up before you start walking barefooted. If you are obese, this will help you get rid of. Early morning walk barefooted on the grass, it has several benefits as it will help you to lose weight. It’ll also strengthen your feet.

When going barefoot, it is important to do so only in a safe, comfortable area. And if you have any serious back or foot issues, be sure to consult with your doctor first!

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